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Today I am announcing my new project - Castlehack! This game is a platformer with exploration and puzzle solving elements.

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I've been developing this game for around 1 month, but I started from scratch around 3 times, since I didn't like how it looked and main mechanics were clunky. Currently I really like what I have and I plan to cotinue development of this game and finish it till the end of summer. Here's what I've got at the moment:

  • Simple platforming obstacles
Work in progress 1

  • Checkpoints

You can place checkpoints at any time, anywhere for 3 gold and teleport back to them when you die or when you want to. This makes level designing more interesting since you can use this to find secrets and solve puzzles.


  • Gold collecting and health

You can pick up gold to buy hp and to place checkpoints. When you die you're teleported back to the checkpoint if you have one or to the start of the level.

Work in progress 1

Note that this is just demonstration of early progress of my game. I am really interested in your feedback and ideas. Thank you for your attention! ;)

Guest - - 693,118 comments

Classic :)

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Jameion - - 18 comments

It looks kinda like a spelunky clone

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MastaZavr Author
MastaZavr - - 78 comments

Not really, it's not procedurally generated and you don't have any items to use. My game is just a platformer with some interesting mechanics. If you mean art style, then it's quite possible that my game looks somewhat like Spelunky, but that's not a bad thing, is it?

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Harikien - - 84 comments

That's like saying Spelunky is like Spelunker. It's true, but does anyone really care?

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