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"Careto" represents not only the “Carnival of the Caretos” held in Podence, but also the obstacles that have challenged to keep this tradition alive over the years.

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Hi there!

A lot of people have been asking me in what way does the game show the little village of Podence. One of the main characteristics of Careto is being the first videogame to interpret the Carnival of the Caretos and the geography and aesthetics of northern Portugal - all the houses in Careto exist in Podence.

IMG 3158 IMG 4856

Careto frame 04

One of the greatest references for Careto was all the fieldwork done in Podence during Carnival this year. There was the opportunity to interview people from Podence, to take many photos of the houses and the beautiful landscape of northern Portugal, to record many videos of Caretos jumping around the streets.

Careto frame 06

Screenshot 118 Careto frame 07

IMG 4851 IMG 4855

IMG 3292

I'm also happy to share some more articles that came out this week about Careto:

  • "The game follows every step of the Careto ritual"
    - Filipe Silva, MoshBit Gaming
  • "Preserving culture is important and in video game format is even better!"
    - Eduardo Rodrigues, Café Mais Geek
  • "A national indie game dedicated to a beautiful tradition."
    - Telmo Couto, Meus Jogos
  • "Using a form of interactive communication to bring a century-old Portuguese tradition."
    - Pedro Almeida, Indie Corner Games
  • "Careto is being developed both in Portuguese and in English so that the “Carnival of the Caretos” can be shared with locals and international players alike"
    - Fernando Costa, InforGames

The first Vertical Slice is out now on itch.io, here are some bullshots of the game and links below:

Careto frame 01

Careto frame 05

Careto frame 02

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Gameplay Trailer

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