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Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2 is out on Desura and is already being enjoyed by over 700 players. Why not become one?

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Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2 has been out for a few days now, and it's doing pretty well on Desura. There were no immediate bug reports, which is a first for a game I've developed. I feel pretty satisfied! If you haven't played Super Mega Bob you can watch the trailer and then download it for free through Desura using the AWESOME button!

Desura Digital Distribution

So, what about the future of SMB? I've already started working on the first update, which I hope to have done within the next few days. My goals is to add at least five levels and probably a few new bits of art. Overall, however, it will be pretty small stuff compared to my overall vision of SMB's future. For one thing, I want to add a lot more costumes and hats. This image shows just how awesome things are going to get:

Until then I'll keep plugging along with regular updates. Please take the chance to connect with me on Twitter, and please leave some positive feedback for SMB when you've given the game a whirl. Thanks and stay bein' awesome!

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