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WiiU, PS4, XOne - Although they are set as stretch goals, we will try to release Candle there regardless at some point.

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Just a quick update as a clarification.

We are running a crowdfunding campaign for Candle on Kickstarter together with our Greenlight campaign, and in there we've set a bunch of funding stretch goals. If Kickstarter goes better than expected and we reach those goals, we would try to start those extra developments right now. However, whether we reach those goals or not, we want to port Candle to Next-Gen consoles regardless. Unfortunately, that would take us longer since we would need then to release Candle on PC, Mac & Linux first, and fund the consoles versions depending on our sales (which would lead to a longer development).

That's why Candle's page on IndieDB shows all them as release platforms. We want to take it there as soon as we can!

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