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I haven't been updating as much as I would like to here but with good reason... lots of work has been done to the game lately. So let's get down to it!

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Thanks for being patient with the lack of updates. Rest assured time is being spent making the gameplay as great as it can possibly be. Once again the feedback received from last demo was great so we got busy! Here is the list of new things in the game... Hope you enjoy this news!

New Gameplay Trailer

New Original Music and Sounds

I really disliked not having my own music and sounds in the game so I spent a couple of days composing original pieces for the music and the sounds effects. I really like the way these turned out. They really capture what I think the game is all about.

Into the Night
Probably going to be main gameplay music for the game. Ethnic vibe that I think fits perfectly for the game.

The Rescue
Plays once you rescue the candle in each level. Basically a level completion piece.

The Lone Dark
Simple piano part that centers around the loneliness of the candle.

Rising Lava
I believe there should be three forms for each challenge piece you have in a game. For the lava we now have chambers that fill up and empty to go along with static lava pools and lava fireballs. This should keep the candle on its feet! Wait a candle doesn't have feet...does it??

Moving Rain
Rain clouds can now move back and forth. Combine this with the wind and the candle can find itself in a bind real quick!

Fireballs vs Wind
The candle can of course shoot fireballs. A big change in the gameplay is that when a fireball hits hits wind, it is now extinguished. This increases the way I can use these two in combination with each other. Timing your shots through wind should create some tricky moments in future levels.

Gameplay Feedback
Any great game always gives great feedback to the player. We call this "fair play" in game design. If something is going to happen, letting the player know it's coming is a good idea. Some examples of the latest feedback in Candlelight are TNT shakes before it explodes, rain clouds squeeze the rain out before it drops, candle emits a smoke trail when burning which lets the player know it takes away health when this happens. There are more but I'll save those for a later update.

Last but not least, I'm currently working on a Kickstarter campaign that I plan on putting up very soon. The plan is to use the Kickstarter funds to turn what is currently a great example of what the gameplay is into an entire full game experience. What does this mean? It means more levels and time to do them along with your feedback. Thanks for giving Candlelight a little of your time and interest.

-Pixel Maverick Games

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