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ok so this is some bad news... I'm sorry. Coming next month i will be stopping production and the mod will be cancelled till further notice. I'm really sorry for this.

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ok so this is some bad news... I'm sorry.
Coming next month i will be pausing production and the mod will be halted till further notice.
I'm really sorry for this.

It's my fault. I've been having lots of issues and it's gotten to this point.
All other projects I've been working on have also been on hold.

People who i said they where my friends have been saying that I'm Pathetic, That i should just kill myself. It's gotten to that point where i can't work anymore. I'm really sorry and i'm sorry to those people who hate me, despise me and wish i was dead.

I'm really fucking sorry.

BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

Hey! Look at you endosine! Give more value to you friend!
Stop listening to they... They arenĀ“t your friends... They are the pathetics here!!! Look what you've done, everything. This custom story + all of your other projects. Everyone's here are giving you all support because everyone believes on you! Me too!

I know that it's hard to keep going in that way so I will understand if this is an official announcement. But no one's here wishes you to stop developing this. There is a lot of reasons that is making you to stop, but I can assure that there is even more reasons for you to keep going strong on this game!

Look, you're amazing, you're a nice person, a nice guy with a lot of talent. The jerks that are saying these things to you are nothing but losers, that will have nothing in their lives at all! Go take some air, go out and try to relax. Don't do anything stupid that I wouldn't do. You should think more on you and to listen to people that really cares about you and that really wants your good!

I will always support you, and I am absolutely sure that you will be able to make through that and to release this story! You helped me out a lot of times and now it's my turn to thank you for everything! You're incredible endosine. I'm really sad to never had the opportunity to meet you in real life! You really looks like an incredible friend, and you can count on me for everything you want!

They're the pathetics. Show them that you're much more than mere meaningless and nonsense words. I will help you! Once again, you can count on me! >.<

Once again, you're the best endosine! You have a bright future and I will be there to say: I've met this guy! I saw everything, every issue that he fixed, every hard moment that he jumped in and got out without any injuries...

You have a lot of work to do man... Focus, we're here to help you. Always.


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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

I have to agreed with BlasterLizard said, don't listen to the others who said to you a pathetic. They're so jealous, worthless friend and no life. This is insane if you kill yourself. To be honest with you dude, i'm really concern to your emotion. Please, i don't like that.

Remember, you are awesome. I am here to make you happy and you are the best friend I've ever seen in my life because you appreciate my jokes and you kind.

So as a friend, don't cancel this project. We are still here to support your mod.

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BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

Listen to SilentBird! We know what we are saying! Yeah! We will help you make it through!

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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

That's right. Anyway, the Christmas is nearly comes so we should be happy and be kind the others!

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