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I've been slow to update on indiedb, that will change moving forward.

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I've been completely flooded with work, both day time and game dev. So I've neglecting updating pages other than twitter. But I really feel Atmocity is shaping up into something really special, so I would like for more people to get to know it! Thus, more updates are coming. :)

Done an overhaul of the building classes. Mainly I've added a new class that inherits from the buildingmanager class, called zonemanager. This class only handles buildings that can grow (residential, commercial and industrial zones). That way I can diet the building manager so that buildings that don't grow don't have to carry around extra weight.
I've continued working on the local economy system. Now I log the amount of buildings a conglomerate owns, I keep track of their density and also decrease happiness drastically if a building is demolished. The system is currently very rudimentary, but having happy conglomerates will be central to building a thriving city and will be a way to offset the effects of economic downturn in the global economy.

I will be giving the ui an overhaul to allow for the vast amount of buildings featured in the game. For starters, I've changed the code quite a bit. Now, instead of selecting location then building, you select buildings first, then plop them where you want them. The UI will be getting a graphical overhaul in the upcoming two or so weeks.

Canals are now properly implemented! I added a canal class that checks the current location of a canal in relation to nearby canal tiles. The whole system can be seen here:

To prevent seams in the water depending on tile rotation I've gotten and edited a world space shader and added two normals that pan independently to produce a wave like effect.



I would estimate that the game is currently around 30% finished. The basics are there. You can build stuff, stuff grows, you earn cash (hopefully!) and about 1/3 of all buildings are finished (like finished for now, more polish later on). But there'll be some major system work coming up getting the first iteration of the local and global economy systems in.

I plan on having a playable version ready for primarily Youtubers and other streamers around mid to late july. Until then there'll be a bunch of updates here and elsewhere as I make more progress on the game. :)

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