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Patch Notes for Arcade Tycoon, Campaign and Objectives modes now included. With 0ver 40+ fixes and add ons.

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Added Campaign mode!
Added 12 new levels!
Added Objectives!
Added Objective Notifications
Changed location from which customers access vending machines.
Changed the Handyman and Security portraits.
Changed the thought feed to differentiate whether the player had token machines or they were occupied.
Fixed another bug with picking up machines while a customer is moving to it.
Fixed the size of the door, so it now properly aligns with the floor width.
Fixed a lot of issues with achievements which stopped them from being obtained.
Fixed an issue with modern machines when save and loading.
Fixed an issue which stopped utility, food and drink machines from updating their total users and turnover.
Fixed customers getting stuck when decorations are built on top of them.
Fixed a bug when rotating machines on initial purchase not saving their previous rotation state if they are moved to an occupied space.
Fixed a bug when attempting to move food and drink to a position that was invalid causing it to be moved back inaccurately.
Added Announcements for various levels of cash income and happiness.
Added Tax for each year as well as an Announcement to go with it.
Added a "Thoughts:" tag in the customer HUD to more clearly show thoughts.
Fixed a bug which resulted in red queue tiles being left behind after selling a machine.
Fixed an issue that caused the floor to break when loading after pressing the resume.
Fixed a few bugs due to failing to move a machine.
Fixed a bug which stopped staff from receiving wages after a save and load.
Fixed the land plots in sandbox resetting back to the original price after save and load.
Fixed explosion SFX not playing for machines when they break.
QoL - Hold shift when placing a machine to immediately place another.
QoL - Added transparency to the blue floor when building.
Fixed a bug that stopped progression on level 5.
Fixed a bug which stopped certain arcade menus from showing.
Added some flavour to the map select screen.
Fixed a duplication bug with the shift click building.
Fixed a bug which made certain place able objects invisible until rotated.
Fixed the meltdown announcement not being dismissed.
Fixed a texture error with the rubber plant.
Added achievements for objectives.
Added some popup dialogues to make transitions easier.
Added a transparency mode.
Loading now loads the most recent save for the level you are on.
Fixed a pathing bug in Haunted Hotel.
Fixed a bug which stopped customers from using different door when entering and leaving some levels.
Fixed a bug which caused customers to get stuck after playing an arcade.
Fixed a bug which sometimes stopped you from placing carpets down behind transparent walls.
Fixed a bug which resulted in customers walking off screen when leaving the arcade.

We have a great community on discord who have been a solid rocks, suggesting new ideas, testing for bugs and very enthusiastic about Arcade Tycoon. We want to say a big thanks to all these people.

A couple people have been concerned about the delay of updates and leaving negative reviews we would like to say we are trying are best to update regularly, games take time and we are only a small team of 3.

Want to get more involved?
A hardcore fan suggested Patreon where you can subscribe to as little as $1 a month with benefits. This would help speed up the progression of the game and make the game more in-depth.

Patreon - Patreon.com
Twitter – www.twitter.com/thearcadetycoon
Steam - bit.ly/2JGqr9D
Website – www.arcade-tycoon.com
Discord - discord.gg/QJ3MRXK
Facebook - Facebook.com

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