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Intermission between campaigns all access to equipment regardless of rank or status. try out all see what you like intermission up at Rotterdam new area all combined Land Sea Air available

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Campaign 172 has ended after 52 days of brutal fighting. German forces have won after securing three French factory towns (Amiens, Abbeville, and Montreuil). Intermission will begin shortly after we do some server upgrades.

Campaign 173 will begin this Thursday, May 7th. During intermission, we will be opening up all equipment to all, and remove rank restrictions so you guys can have full play options. We'd like to encourage both High Commands to organize their side and prepare for a successful launch of Campaign 173 on Thursday. Great job on this Campaign everyone, and a special kudos to the Allies for fighting very hard all the way to the end, S!.

Intermission theme: Rotterdam is the central focus. This is a newer area developed in our game and it's the one place we can expect to see plenty of combined forces (Air - Land - Sea) all working together. Full supply is available so go crazy and have some hardcore fights there! Try a destroyer if you haven't before.


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