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The game is compleat! you can now buy the game! Enjoy.

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you can now download the game here Navy3000.itch.io

have fun buying! make sure to help spread the game!

Feature List

  • Build your fleet from different warships! includeing Patrol boats, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, and more!
  • Every ship has a different action weapon! Fire torpedoes form Patrolboats and Submarines to Cruiser missiles to defeat your foes!
  • 10 missions and two playable races! play as the USN on a quest to save earth! or take arms with the USSR and conquer it!
  • this game can NOT be finished with in 2 hours! the game has a very long playtime
  • Know the USN Admirals! fight along side Admiral Freedom,Refuge and Nuke!
  • use scouting to clear all Fog of war and bombard your hostiles! fog of war is issue clear it so clear it and bombard all targets!
  • Use Strategic planing to take out your hostiles! on some maps there are destroyed ships in the sea use them!
  • Operation navy3000 has full 3D models and very nice voice acting and music!

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well seems i need more words sooo...

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This game is a really great game is has 4 missions for all of the playable races + a bonus mission for whenyou complete the last USSR Mission it has a good soundtrack and great voice acting. it even has funny parts (i forgot what they are called lol).

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