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I put a video on Youtube where I show how to build a shelter in my game.

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Hello! I put a video on Youtube where I show how to build a shelter in my game. It includes digging, crafting and building. For simplicity I am using only 1 m blocks. It is, of course, possible to use much smaller blocks (till a quarter of a meter).

If you want to support my game you can liking and favoriting the video.

MurDoc_Inc - - 44 comments

What if you made the blocks smaller, 1/8 of those. Then added different group brushes: large cube = 8 small cubes, narrow = 8 in a row, wall = 8x8 flat, etc...
Have a way to cycle through them, swap rotation and maybe make custom ones.
That way you can have faster building, more realistic size scale and be more unique than minecraft.

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bsf_mistau Author
bsf_mistau - - 76 comments

The blocks or voxels are actually smaller. I am using 1/4 of a meter (1/64 of those). This can be seen in the video where I build a diving platform:

I am also using cycling through different pen types. The reason why I use here the big blocks is that it is simply faster to place them because you do not to be so precise.

And by the way this means that you have 429 billion voxels or blocks in a 25 km^2 landscape :-)

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