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Update on build 4 additions, removals, and changes.

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 I've been sick for the past week so I haven't had much time to work on the engine. However I am feeling better and decided to go ahead and update on current progress before continuing.

 One of the major things I'm working on for this build is code optimization and cleanup. First part is that everything has been re-tabbed and has had semicolons added, this should make reading much easier. I have also moved the id argument for drawModel() to the first slot and added a wireframe argument. The other part involved 3 changes: modified variable declarations to declare local or global, the code for calculating (X,Y) coordinates when drawing models is being streamlined, and a draw distance variable has been added. So far there has been a gain of roughly 8 FPS with these changes.

 During development of the WiiChat techdemo I encountered a major bug which should not exist. The current server for multiuser, which is written in Perl, will not allow outside connections. As a result build 4 will be switching to an updated version of the first generation server which is Windows only. There is also a high probability that build 4 will not include the loadTexture and renderTexture functions as they are slow and the new code for them may not be completed in time for the release.

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