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Build 0.1.24 of Asteria is now available, change log attached...

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Build 0.1.24 of Asteria is now available.

Next time you run the game it should autoupdate or it can be downloaded from Playasteria.com

Here's the change list:

Added Dungeon6, a digging maze style dungeon.
Fixed particle systems.
Fixed tree positioning.
Added new projectiles.
New lighting engine, F11 to try it out
Lighting: Now use linear sampling on blurred textures.
Lighting: Added blur and attenuation.
Lighting: checking in progress to shadows.
Removed sprite sheet from projectiles.
Messed with Particles
Added Grid to creative mode
Added Graphics from ShadowDX.
Added server logging and crash reporting service.
Enhanced dashboard stats.
Added missing projectiles.
Started final boss and arena.
Fixed targeting system,
Fixed bullet positions so that they fire out of the end of the gun tip now,
Fixed particles so that they spawn in correct locations,
Changed weapon firing particle effects so that they have a "spread" effect when a projectile is fired
Added timestamps to logs. Added version check to server.

Sorry it's been a bit of a slow week. I spent spring break with my kids and then got my Oculus Rift VR headset which has been a bit of a distraction. :)

Feel free to reply to this email to send any questions or comments.


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