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Urrgh, bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs buuuuuuuggggs!.!.!...

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So yes, its been a looooong time, a year maybe? anyway, the reason for this is that one year ago I think the amnesia map got corrupted, whenever I saved the map in the editor it wouldn't change anything, only some of the items that I added.I might start again, maybe, but with SOMA coming out, I might aswell wait and make something similar there. We'll see...

CheesyDeveloper - - 1,554 comments

"But with SOMA coming out, I might aswell wait"

It's coming out 2015 -.-'. Are you seriously going to skip this story to wait for a game that will come out in 1-2 years?

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samdeman22 Author
samdeman22 - - 6 comments

hmm, sorry about delay, I don't seem to get email updates for desura.

Well, at the time of writing I thought it would come out fall 2014, this is only a casual thing anyway. I don't know how much I can ride the hype the hype train that is amnesia. I had ALOT of stuff, and now it just wont work.

This story will materialise itself.... some day..

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