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report problems you find in v0.2 release to here or send them to my support email

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If you happen to find a bug, problem, regular crash or any other distracting thing from v0.2, report it here or to tldreforged@gmail.com

Please note that problems I told you about in download link file cannot be fixed at the moment

Thanks for your help!

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I did already write this in the nazgul sword comment but you can't siege Isengard. The lords just refuse to siege it and it's a real problem. And I really think you should make the special weapons for the elves (Imladris/Riverdell not included) the bear people, Dale, Isengard & the other factions I haven't explored like Rhun & Khand. Should look more special. It just annoys me that it looks so tame when Gondor, Rohan & Mordor looks so cool (The Helmet for mordor. Btw I really like the Helmet & Scourge of mankind title) And I would love if mordor gave you a special mission. like really evil mission.

These are just some suggestions I would enjoy

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killerzaz202 - - 4 comments

Btw I just signed into the forum & just wanted to let you know that it was me who wrote that

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