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Brutal Nature has released version 0.33! New models and soundtrack!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.33! Download it today and give it a try!

0.33 screenshots!0.33 screenshots!
0.33 screenshots!0.33 screenshots!0.33 screenshots!0.33 screenshots!

Change log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added 4 new models by Vurt: Pine tree, Berry bush, Bush and mushroom. Berry bush also has an alternate texture without berries.
  • Added 18 music tracks to the game written by Kevin MacLeod
  • Added 2 new harvestable plants: Berry bush and mushroom.
  • Added new gunshot sound effects for most weapons.
  • Added new action sounds for pump action shotgun.
  • Added mouseover effect on recipe ingredients in smelter menu to indicate they are clickable.
  • Added volume controls to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added individual round reloading for pump action shotgun with ability to interrupt reloading to fire.
  • Added flora biomes.
  • Added new sound effects for harvesting berry bushes and mushrooms.
  • Added support for different shaders to be loaded depending on model export parameters.
  • Rebalanced weapon costs.
  • Improved audio code.
  • Moved the code that spawns trees on world generation to a script.
  • Fixed bug with flashlight position being one frame behind.
  • Fixed bug with area editing mode.
  • Fixed biomes changing improperly on chunk boarders.
  • Fixed bug in ref counting class.
0.33 screenshots!0.33 screenshots!

The bears are waiting for you!

my_medieval_soul - - 79 comments

the lack of a walking animation and how the bears fly into the air to attack you is hilarious!

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BlackMoons Author
BlackMoons - - 121 comments

Thanks. I just have not had the money to get proper animated assets. As for the jumping, It was kinda a bug that I have since fallen in love with.

It gives them such a higher survival chance when they can jump into the air and screw up your well aimed shot at the last second.

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Guest - - 699,659 comments

But it makes it funny! Its great!

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Imagine all enemies in the game bouncing around and attacking you from all angles. It could actually be something refreshingly funny, even though it would make the game quite silly.

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BlackMoons Author
BlackMoons - - 121 comments

I have made the NPC spawns be script based for the next version. So you can crank the spawns up and do that. It was rather amusing when I made it spawn a NPC every second.

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Guest - - 699,659 comments

It looks awsome! I love that skydiving bears :3

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