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Brief Description, nothing too fancy. Nothing set in stone as it is very early into our development.

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Hello welcome to our tiny little Indie DB till we launch our website.

As it stands we wont reveal too much about our project but we will share this. Whigs and Tories (working title) (WaT) aims to be a mainly Infantry base Linebattle shooter offering players the chance to play as many different regiments during the war as well as fighting across New England.

Freedom is our main aim, giving players the tools to make the game much more than just fighting repeatedly. We believe what made games in this genre special to us is how open ended they are, very little direction with a lot of possibilities.

As we are all ex players of the popular DLC Napoleonic Wars we will be using this as inspiration for our own spin off, we hope to do it proud.

Core planned features:

- Player defences, camps

- Melee system

- realistic Musket accuracy

- Period correct music and band tunes.

- Historically influence maps (bunker hill, camden, etc)

- Regiment management tools

- Roleplay animations and sounds

If you'd like us to explain any of these feel free to comment below.

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