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On this post we are going to tell you the story of how our two main characters met

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Hey everyone!
Today we decided to tell you the story of our two main characters and how they met each other.

Lora lives in a small town on the outskirts of a kingdom. One day, she was playing close to the woods, while playing she heard noises deep into the trees. Due to her curiosity she got deeper and deeper into the woods, chasing birds and butterflies, the girl was amazed with the beauty of the forest.

As the twilight came, she heard noises from a creature comimg from the bushes, she looked for it as it got darker and darker, the girl soon realized that she have gotten lost, she has gotten too deep into the woods.

It was then that she saw a light coming from the trees - It could ony be the torches from the town - she thought, as she ran towards it she was suprised to see a creature she had never encountered before, it was a dragon but different from those feared ones told in tales and myths, this one seemed more frightened then frightening.

It was a baby dragon and together they went on a quest off finding the way back home.

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