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Post news RSS Book of Demons hack'n'slash release date is set to 13th Dec!

We have been in Early Access for over two years - it’s been a wild ride. Since all features are in place we can announce the game exits EA December 13th!

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Book of Demons has been in Early Access for over two years. It’s been a wild ride. Wild but awesome, thanks to you all! We initially planned of being in Early Access for only six months but the community took the game in directions we never anticipated!

Book of Demons - Development stages

If you look at game's IndieDB page you might see how many features we added to it - the game now have an end game, Normal, Roguelike and Casual modes, randomized card variants, quest mastering, 3 classes... and much more. Not to mention a gargantuan number of bugs reported and fixed.

Book of Demons - Town

The game has reached the point at which we can say it has almost all the stuff we envisioned and so we can safely set the release date. It's the time to make it official official: Book of Demons will exit early access on 13th of December. Yes, this year :archduck:


In a few words, Book of Demons is a Hack & slash game distilled to its purest form. Slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral and save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself.

The game is available for both MAC and Windows.

Here are 21 facts about the game.

Try the free and lengthy demo of the game!


The release candidate game build is already accessible and deployed to the Public Test branch on Steam. Those of you wishing to see the new cards and legendaries can check this thread for instructions on how to switch to the test branch.

Book of Demons - Warrior

The changes include sixteen new cards, each with magical and unique legendary variants, and a special 'thank you' song performed by townsfolk after the Archdemons is defeated :archduck:

Book of Demons - Rogue

We now continue polishing and finalizing balance on the test branch until the launch date. No new stuff is going to be added except bug fixes until launch. But... we have some fun stuff planned to make the wait time fly :archduck:


Book of Demons - love it with reviews!

It turns out you can do a lot. First of all, you can keep an eye out for Dec 13th and play the game to see the new stuff. This in itself will mean a world to us.

Besides that, it would be awesome if you could spread the word. December is a busy month when media attention is grabbed by heavy hitter AAA titles. Although we will do all the standard stuff indie games do on launch. So on 13th December tell your neighbor, tell your kids that Book of Demons is out!

Also, if you haven’t yet please consider writing a review on Steam. Reviews are the lifeblood for small indies!


Book of Demons - Cook's statue

This topic popped up in the community forums with players urging us to increase the price of the game. We decided not to do it at least until we exit Early Access then.

As the time is nigh, we will increase the price by 5 dollars. The price of the game will change after this 50% sale, on 9th November. We want to celebrate Polish Developer Sale but this is also the last such significant discount for a long time. So.. if you haven't tried the game yet (for example free demo), now is the time!

Book of Demons - Rogue

We would like to have a sale for launch, of course, so we have decided to raise the price in advance so the 30 days long “no discount” period would end in time for 13th December.


Book of Demons - Pop-up book

The launch is not the end of the road! We have a slew of features we want to add to the game and stuff. Like our attempts at competitive multiplayer modes (“attempts” is the key word, as it’s not exactly multiplayer in a classical sense of the word). This, however, will come after the launch.

Return 2 Games series logo

So what about the whole Return 2 Games series? Book of Demons is the first of them, but there are more to come. Some works have already began on the next game and this will gain momentum after the launch. We have cool ideas already and depending on how the launch goes we will decide which get to be implemented and when.

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons :archduck:

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