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New build coming soon! New particles, New movement system, New Spells, New Level and New team members!

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New build coming soon.

What we are working on:


Working on Particles for the abilities to try unify them to the games aesthetic.



Changing the way movement works to make it feel better.
Working on a new Website and Store!


adding in new abilities. 3 new abilities are coming soon. (Names are WIP)

Orbit: Fires a projectile at another ability or object in the game which adds a extra layer of damage to enemy players.

Frost Fire Grenade: Fires an ice ball that encases an enemy player in ice for a short amount of time when they are hit.

Lightning: Fires a short burst of lightning in front of the player.


Working on a concept for a new level for the game.

Other news:

We have expanded the team slightly with the addition of some audio guys that are working on a trailer as well as Daniel who is working as an artist.

We'll keep you guys posted on anymore changes to the game. New build should hopefully be out by Friday.



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