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List about some of the new stuff, note, demo, etc.

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Looks like the epic journey is over, Bloop is ready to go - yay! For the next few days I'll test the sh*t out of it, and probably make some changes(I'm allways changing the colors, it's crazy), but after the long beta I think every bug has been discovered, and fixed - thanks for the testers, especially Rowan Powell.

I made stuff in the last couple of days, like

  • Mod support(you can make your own campaign, with custom graphics and stuff)
  • Hardware cursor(a lot of beta testers said it was really annoying, so this is a really important thing)
  • Some new effects
  • Improved performance
  • It should never ever crash again
  • Tutorials
  • Cutscenes(hey, it has 2 endings!)
  • And bugfixing. A lot of bugfixing.

So it has a beggining a middle and an end, and I'm really happy with the result - I hope you will like it, too!

Ohh, and of course a new public demo will be available within days!

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