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Blooming Business: Casino, a unique sim-management game that sees retro Las Vegas-inspired aesthetics and animal inhabitants combine for a satirical take on the tycoon formula, will launch on May 23, 2023 for Steam and PC. An exhaustive sandbox game mode will be included at launch where casino types, items, decorations, and casino games are open for players to run and manage the business as they please!

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Customizable Sandbox Mode Revealed as Players Run the Business and Manage the Drama in this Satirical Tycoon Genre

Curve Games and French indie studio Homo Ludens are excited to announce that their casino-themed sim-management game, Blooming Business: Casino will be officially launching May 23rd on Steam. Blooming Business: Casino sees 1960’s Las Vegas-inspired aesthetics and animal inhabitants combine for a satirical take on the tycoon formula.

Homo Ludens also unveiled that there will be a customizable sandbox game mode available at launch. Unlike the campaign, players can customize casino types, items, decorations, and casino games when playing the sandbox mode one of two ways: creative mode and endless mode. In creative mode, players can play in any casino from the campaign, with everything unlocked, including all items, casino games, decorations themes and management research. In endless mode, players can choose their starting casino and game parameters but need to unlock all the bonuses and items from the research tree themselves.

Check out the Blooming Business: Casino Sandbox trailer and interview

SandBox Panel 1

Blooming Business: Casino is a unique sim-management game with a satirical narrative twist. Players must design, build and run their own retro casino in a bustling world full of drama and danger. Work alongside animals who are anything but cuddly and attempt to maximize client satisfaction while juggling customers’ complicated demands. The game offers an exploration into a fantasy world where players embody the role of a casino manager. Attract various types of customers with competitive tastes! Fill the casino with personality and carve out a place on the Strip. Players can grow a casino from a gambling den to the biggest name in town where the sky’s the limit in this electrifying new take on the sim-management genre.

Please find the latest press assets here.

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To learn more about Blooming Business: Casino please visit the official steam page. Also, why not join the blooming community on the official Discord server.

The Homo Ludens Team

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