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I hope everyone is having a good day, as you can see, we have a new a more official logo (The last one was temporary as im not so good a design logo) The new logo was made by my good friend BruceWilis235, it was also edited by me a little bit. So the center of the logo represent the biodome sub level section. The circle around it represent the xenians life that was brought on earth for study. Of course a lambda logo and a pipe wrench to represent opfor. Now lets go to the special announcement.

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Dear fans of Half-life Opposing force

As you can see in this picture, we are going to have a new hud and weapons skin for this remake of vicarious reality. Huge thanks to Black Priest and his team for letting me use assets from their mod called hard Course. I have the permission to use everything related to opfor or marines from their mod. Credits goes to them for the hud, weapons skin, new suit sound, etc.

Go take a look at Black-Box Team new project!

Their demo is available for download on steam and mod db, i played it and its very professional and well mod i liked it a lot. Here is the link to their mod db page : Black Mesa: Hard Course mod - Mod DB

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Of course we couldn't stay with the crowbar for this mod, pipe wrench is a good replacement and it work well with the current marine arms model. Also in case the question is asked, yes we also have a proper weapons icon selection for the wrench and weapons.

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One thing I'm not 100% sure yet is if we are going to keep this smg replacement or not, it look good but I don't know if its appropriate to replace the mp5 with it, I would like to have your thought on this.

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Again from the courtesy of Black-Priest and his team, we also have a replacement for the flashlight, something that look more like a night vision, it also has proper nvg sound instead of a flashlight sound.

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One last thing I would like to talk about, the demo release, because yes I will publish a public demo for mod db and the steam workshop :) I will first distribute a beta testing version of the demo so that my testers give feedbacks. Like this, I will be able to add I final touch before the public version release. I cant estimate a release date because I'm all alone working on the level design and gameplay elements. But I can say it will for sure be released in may, i would be happy if it release in early may, but I cant confirm it will be the case yet it will all depend on how my progress will go.

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The demo version will be launched from the workshop tab in game, since its not possible to not overwrite some base game file like the hud, I will add a optional vpk including all the hud/weapons custom content, like this people will be able to move easier the optional files in custom folder.

The final version wont be like this though, its going to have its own way of launching it , actually same way as the hard-course and blue shift project. So like this we will be able to add all the custom content without overwriting the files of the base game.

MEVAR448 - - 10 comments

Awesome, waiting for release!

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wolfprince1 - - 277 comments

Vicarious Reality was one of my favourite levels in OfFor, can't wait to see it upgraded!

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NiiRubra - - 472 comments

This looks pretty rad! I'm looking forward to it!

On the topic of the automatic weapon, since you asked, I think it's fitting to have the player use an m16, it makes it feel a bit different. The only point of contention in my opinion is how the glock fits into things, because once you get the glock, it shares its ammo with the m16 and that's how you end up being reminded that you're using an mp5 re-skin. If the ammo pools could be separated that would be one solution, but it probably requires coding and I don't even really know if it can be done in BM. Alternate solution is to just... not have the glock anywhere? As long as the player still has an accurate weapon at their disposal, that could work.

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danys007 Author
danys007 - - 90 comments

Thank you for responding, i agree with you, this is the main reason why im still not sure if i want to keep it, because it share ammo with the glock. Other then that i tested it and work and feels great. My friend is working on a replacement for the magnum 357, wich is indeed a desert eagle with a laser, if he successfully make it i think it could replace the glock well.

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