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Hello everyone, in the past i have released a remake of two chapter of half-life opposing force, we are not alone and crush depth. I decided to do more and the next logical step was to make vicarious reality, since it follow up crush depth! Contrary to crush depth, I am aiming bigger for the remake of vicarious reality. I'm trying to make as much as possible the map quality to look like a black-mesa maps, I'm also completely remaking it to my own vision,bigger area,extended zone and gameplay etc

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This mod take place specifically in the sub levels of the biodome. The first map of3a4 is technically done for the level design, but you can expect some change and improvement to be made before the final version.

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This mod will have new textures (present in the first map) also new models made by my friend, BruceWilis235. (only one in the first map, second and last map will be the ones with most for the new models, including a hologram Walter, new construction props, xenians weapons props and the displacer gun.)

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here are somethings you need to know about this mod. Since it is impossible to change or use the bm source code. Race x aliens are replaced with black-mesa npcs. However such as crush depth you will have a marine hands view model. Its possible but not confirmed yet that we will have new weapons skins, more info about this will be made latter, I also have new features that i cant talk for the moment it will be in the next update news.

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A public demo will be released including the first map only. It will be released both on mod db and the steam workshop. I cant estimate a release date for the moment, as I'm still working hard on it, but hopefully it will be at the start of may, ill drop more info about this latter.

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Take note that the actual logo is temporary, I'm not very good for this, my friend BruceWilis235 is working on a new logo for me, it will be changed when its ready. This is all for today.

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Really great looking work!

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