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This week is a smaller update, but it brings a whole new type of weapon: The Disc!

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This week is a smaller update, but it brings a whole new type of weapon: The Disc!

  • Added The Disc - a high damage weapon with a swooping, returning motion that can do damage to multiple targets if thrown accurately.
  • Added Instant Heal items, which heal for a large amount instantly, but have a long cooldown.
  • Reverted jump to the old version, but added a Charge Jump item for those of you who want to be Neo.
  • You can no longer unequip weapons that are on cooldown. This is intended to eliminate gameplay that requires you to rapidly swap items.
  • The S.H.A.R.K. can now path around corners and therefore hunt more effectively. See also: /u/S_H_A_R_K_
  • The S.H.A.R.K. no longer agros to shark-surfing players, allowing the player to steer the shark by hacking nearby buildings. That's right - he can work for you now.
  • The version check no longer tells you to update if you have no internet access.
  • Enemies flock (follow each other) much more effectively now.
  • Swarm building enemies no longer attack each other
  • Enemies will now respawn if they're caught much outside the hack radius after a hack completes.
  • Information Terminals are accessible again. We at Zorgtel sincerely apologize for the data outage.
  • Mines no longer cause crashes.
  • Missiles no longer cause zombified enemies.
  • Devblog: Why Black Ice is an Early Access Game


The S.H.A.R.K. can now work for us? Now that's an update I'm eager to play with!

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BlackIceTheGame Author

I thought people might like that :D

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