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Post news RSS Black Ice Patch Notes: Version 0.1.670 – “Buffs are Metal”

This week, I focused on extending the buff system, because Buffs are Metal.

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This week, I focused on extending the buff system, because Buffs are Metal.

  • New Features
    • Save Slots: You can now save and load in multiple slots, and choose a hacker handle for each one. There are 1000 slots.
    • New Unique: Valentyn's Love Beam - a lasgun which sets targets aflame
    • New Unique: Frostbiter - a lasgun which slows targets dramatically
    • Buff Indicators: Buffs on you now show up in the bottom right of the screen
    • New Payload: Icebolt - Freezes targets. Available for Rifle, Shotgun & Sniper weapons
    • New Payload: Frostbolt - Slows targets. Available for Rifle, Shotgun & Sniper weapons
    • New Enemy Affix: Firestarter - Enemies will light you on fire, too. Payback time.
    • New Enemy Affix: Slowing - Enemies will slow you down.
  • Improvements
    • The SHARK now has increased attack range. Suck it, snipers.
    • Missiles now explode at max range instead of disappearing
    • Enemy Affix spheres are now always visible
    • The Delete Items button has been moved out of the way, making it harder to hit accidentally. (Thanks, Indie!)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The SHARK will no longer respawn really far away from Finality after you die
    • The FOV slider affects the camera appropriately now (lasguns won't show a break)
    • Re-debuffing an enemy no longer restarts the particle effect
    • The Disc can now destroy mines
    • Enemy mines no longer attack enemies from the same server
    • Disc clipped through buildings on the way out
    • Disc items didn't save properly
  • New Devblog: Why Buffs are Metal
  • Updates to the Wiki
  • Lots of new content on /r/BlackIce

Any feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.



Looks really interesting! Good Work!

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BlackIceTheGame Author

Thanks! It was a fun week.

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Tried it out, wasn't really expecting much. Dude, this game is amazing! Incredibly fun and addicting!

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BlackIceTheGame Author

Thank you! That makes me so happy :D

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