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BI MKVII version 3.2 got released! The latest version of the highest rated Hearts Of Iron 3 : Their Finest Hour mod is out! With the latest bug fixes modifications this release of MKVII is cleaner and better than ever.

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  • unit terrian stats reworked - river crossing penalties, attack/defense/movement in all terrain reworked to be more consistent.
  • revolt risk/partisan rework laws and occupation policies have great effect now, no more easy total exploitation
  • ahistorical "complete" ss divisions options
  • Jap 226 incident government pop/org fixed
  • Duetsche Reichsbahn strategic effects
  • strat bombers officier amount fixed
  • totenkopf typos fixed
  • ss engineer radios fixed
  • ss mot AT bug fix
  • Romania should now join the axis
  • SS Panzers activated 2nd half 1942
  • secratray events reworked
  • Major Becker event chain added
  • models tweaks and some building pics thanks Hansel Wijaya
  • Dutch troops after surrender will go to the UK
  • balkan map changes
  • Home front decision fixed
  • mix/mot/arm support model definitions added
  • soviet/UK LUA tweaks
  • Von Thoma starting traits lowered to account for SCW gains
  • Himmler leaderloss won't fire if Himmler unit isnt activated to start with
  • Gross deutschland upgrades correctly
  • invasion ships added to sea replensishing doctrine
  • AFV softness values tweaked
  • T34 event changed to AI only, IC / MP/ supplies added and tech increases removed
  • More post bitter peace WIP
  • UK/Perisan DOW on Allies bug fixed
  • renamed Inf.-Rgt (Mot) to Schutz.-Rgt where applicable
  • Heavy TD hard attack/piercing increased
  • Wiking division upgrade should occur earlier (1941)
  • a few more soviet airfields/units added to map/1936 OOB
  • events added for axis to give resources to Nat Spain after 1938 if the war is dragging on
  • Italian research AI tweaked to be a little more comptetative
  • German 11th army in romanian barbarossa event is no longer a german expeditionary force
  • naval_engineering prac gain removed form armored engineers
  • mix/mot/arm support brigades now have 0.5 combat width - use them as weak task force division cores
  • leaderbox resized
  • unit model definition bugs fixed
  • map icons for AA/radar/forts/airbases/ports redone
  • singapore big guns removed and replaced with event option
  • Eternal making and breaking second front in China fixed
  • small tweak to the athens supply event
  • paratroops and airlanding infantry now have a 5% allowed build of total infantry brigades limitiation
  • machine gun doctrine tech effects increased
  • Battlecommanders will build much faster after being granted from a victory
  • + more bug fixes and tweaks
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