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Black ICE MKVII 3.1a hotfix is out! With important fixes to Black ICE MKVII 3.1 it is a very essential hotfix.

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Install in exactly the same place as 3.1 mod.


Home land destruction fixed
deleted one kaupisch General
modifed some German generals
removed some siberia infra
fixed propaganda press typo for revolt risk
removed officer loss form OKW HQ as there are no BC generated
waffen ss division upgrades triggered via decsions
picture ofr general Schweighart
Mixed/Motorised/Armored support briagdes rebalanced + techs
garrison deploy tech won't be researched by Ger, fra or Italy
fixed Egyptian ( and a few other minor puppets) ministers not showing
localisation OOB event update
leader briagde now benefits from politcal indoctrination/integration techs
option to refuse german division upgrade events added

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