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Post news RSS Update #6 - Kanohi Akaku - Mask of Vision

In this update we take a look at the Kanohi Akaku - the great mask of vision, aswell as an early look at the music that our composer Garrett has been creating. Hope you like it!

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Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui - Update #6 - Kanohi Akaku, Mask of Vision

Hey everyone! Today we are going to take a look at another mask, the Kanohi Akaku, the great mask of vision. Whats important to me is that every mask has a profound impact both on how you can approach the world, but also combat. Combat might not be the first thing that comes to mind with the Akaku, but I think Ive come up with a good way to achieve this design goal for this mask aswell.

Heres the update video showcasing the abilities of the Akaku, aswell as an early look at the music that our composer Garrett has been creating. Hope you like it!

Analysis Mode
Like always, pressing "F" will activate the mask. Upon doing so, you will enter the Analysis Mode. Analysis Mode does not drain your mask energy and while it is active you cannot see your own health and elemental bars, nor those of enemies. Beeing in Analysis Mode allows you to perform the "Zoom" feature of the mask and also increases the parry window of "Parry Strike".

Zoom (Middle Mouse/Mousewheel)
Using the Akaku, you can magnify your environments and take a closer look at whats around you. There are 2 zoom levels. Using zoom also increases the scan-range of the vision mode.

Vision Mode
Pressing "V" allows you to switch modes. Vision Mode highlights characters and enemies, even through walls. It also reveals their level, which is useful information that is normally not accessible. Additionally to that, Vision Mode highlights objects of interest, like disks. It also needs to be used to solve puzzles that otherwise could not be completed. Vision Mode drains mask energy.

Parry Strike (Press G)
Using the enhanced optics of the Akaku, you are able to observe your enemies better, allowing you to parry them. Pressing "G" will make your Toa enter a parry stance. A HUD element will appear that indicates the duration of the parry window - if you get hit during this duration, you will perform a powerful parry strike. Ontop of doing damage, the parry strike stuns the enemy and immediately recharges your special attack. A successful parry strike also regenerates some mask energy, making it one of the only ways to directly regain mask energy. You do not need to have the Akaku activated to perform a parry strike and it does not drain mask energy, meaning you can always use it while you wear the Akaku, but successfully landing a parry is easier while the mask is active. Parry Strike counts as a special attack and as such will put your special attacks on cooldown should you be unsuccessful in your parry attempt.

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