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Smoth is sick work has been slow. Work was going along and then nature decided to mess with me. Must be my soul feeling the constraints of gravity :P

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So I built a new machine which gets sick fps playing gundam RTS was about 80% done with the zaku sniper and I started noting this headache of mine. It wouldn't be such a big deal except that I noticed it didn't go away after a week. So WTF right? Anyway, went to see the doctor and get some drugs last week. Pretty much been ill this entire time and most of my time not at work is spent on the sofa.

I got to play some spore, so far about 8ish hours in between my long evening naps that comprise my current "sleep" schedule. It will be great when I am brainstorming for the federation buildings. Also I ordered 2 different new gundam art books giving me more art to work with and they came in last week! So things are going kinda slow and I am sorry you guys have had to wait so long for a good sized update. When I am not all zombeh I will be going back to work as normal on gundam.

Man, I wish I was feeling better, that zaku sniper is looking great. Waiting and holding off to model the zaku stuff was a good idea, I am a much better artist now and I am glad I have waited so long to do this stuff. I wish I could say I am feeling well and I wish I wasn't so ill right now but hey, it happens. So please forgive the rant, I just figured that I would give you guys some kind of update. The zaku sniper is going to be on work list this weekend and because I have lost soo much time I didn't want to post a news post this weekend over making the most of it for gundam.

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