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A plethora of new updates, enemies, and Characters.

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So big updates coming to the game.

The characters now each have a special spell. These allow the player a one time use spell, that might help them get out of trouble. Each hero will be given their own spell and have the ability to recharge a used spell if they find a potion, which will be a very random occurrence.

A few examples of the spells are the Ice Queen who can freeze all the creatures on the board, The Amazon who has a Dash move to double movement distance, and the Jester, which has a spell called Scramble, that swaps all the monster positions around.

I am also going to be adding a Key and a Cage. If a player finds a Key, and then a Cage. They unlock a new hero. So even when the player might not be able to get the latest treasure, they might be able to unlock a new hero.

New Monsters:
I have added a few new monsters. My new favorite being the Cockatrice. its a simple monster with a nice trick. If the player ends a turn in sight of the cockatrice (Cardinal directions only) the player is turned to stone and dies. A few other monsters have been added, and a few more have been drawn up.

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