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Hey guys so I have decided I want to put up a playable demo for a couple of days for people to try out!It will involve a segment of the map I am working on and all the new mechanics to try out!I just want you guys to get a feel of the game and Opinions people!Please if you have an idea or an opinion then drop it in the comments!I am happy to reply!

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Basically here is what I have done for this version :
* Terrain re-done once again.Made smaller this time and better looking.* Added drinking sound for lake.* Added fire sound for campfire.* Added berry sound when picked.* Drinking mechanic changed around a bit. Left clicking now gives you 30 thirst points.* New water added.* Lilypads added (will be needed in future updates)* Berry mechanic has been re-made.You now pick individual berries which give you 5 hunger points. Berries respawn over time.* Lost your campfire?Press T to teleport to it whenever you feel like it! * Stones are now found scattered around boulders(Will re-spawn in future)* Rocks stop moving once they hit water so they don't get lost* Basic crafting interface created!Pres C to bring it up!* You now have to keep campfire re-fueled.Add your collected sticks to it to keep it going.Right click to quinch the flame if lit and press the F key to delete if you want to move it.* Can throw rocks by pressing X.

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