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New Interface, Shop and Character Customization added and srites.

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New Screen Interface

The box displaying core characteristics of a character has been made larger and now shows digital values.

The box with character's effects has been relocated, size reduced. Left mouse click will still open the effect details. Views of team members and selected target have been modified in a similar way.

Right panel, minimap and chat views changed. All views are now translucent to expand play area view.

Bottom panel fully reconfigured. XP bar is now closer to the bottom and reflects digital values. Big button still displays a current action. Fight buttons are in the top bar. Bottom bar now contains frequently used control buttons. Hot keys are also displayed.

Future updates will keep affecting the interface: windows for craft, auction, vendor, pillar and claim and others will be modified.

Shop and Character Customization added

In-game shop has been activated to let you buy options for your character customization: hairstyle, title or skin (in further updates), and a vehicle you may summon in case of a loss, but within your claim only. Here, you can buy some looking walls and floors for your house.

Please note: we are not selling items to power-level or boost mining speed/quality, nor any in-game currency. By doing so, we are keeping the game balanced and the economy pure.

  • Any large static object will be concealed once you get behind it.
  • Stubs and stone blocks will disappear as time goes by and appear again in other locations on the map.
  • Now you'll be able to queue activities: Wash soil, Break branches and boughs (Ctrl+Shift+select activity)
  • Now animal hunger will become active within the claim (previously hunger appeared only in feeding zone, i.e. at trough/haystack/copper bowl/beehive)
  • You can now select NPC as target but not damage it.
  • Juxebox interface modified
  • Bank interface upgraded with new buttons to clear the form and collect amounts from all deposited bags.
  • As you shift from one chat tab to another, focus will be automatically set on text entry line.
  • All fences and walls can now be selected by Ctrl + click.
  • Request to confirm Change faction added.
  • In character selection window, the name may be colored red for negative Karma.
  • Dice rolling results will be shown in the team chat.
  • No damage can be made to chopper
  • Performance of mechanic plow improved (time for unplowed soil transformation reduced).
  • Formula of explosive damage changed (damage reduced).
  • Item search technique improved.
  • Topological sorting added to correct rendering of objects, where a further object would overlay a closer object. You can make this rendering method active in Settings.
  • Collision (collision area) determination added to reduce character knockback when colliding with impenetrable objects during client and server synchronization.
  • Sorting of context menu items adjusted.
  • Container automatic closing when moving away from them on a horse – corrected.
  • Training quest text about mob non-aggression corrected.
  • Bug that didn’t let you destroy plants and trees outside the claim – fixed.
  • New recipe for Wooden marker, Flax marker added. You can apply it to large containers and sacs inside the bag to sign them.
  • New recipes: Boulder walls, Brick fence, Japanese fence, Log fence, Brick floor, Pavement floor, Parquet floor, Tile floor, Bundle of wood, Herb rack, Crushed stone, Steel swords (wall decoration), Confederation flag (wall decoration) and Empire flag (wall decoration).
  • New images for all atomic containers, activated coal, arrow, bark basket, beehive, all metal ingots, all shields, bung, candle, chicken nest, clay cup, clay pot, clay vase, copper bowl, crossbow, crystal (event item), dried tobacco, all pills, slot machine, fire trap, floor chandelier, frying pan, all assignations, healing cream, all energy guns, herbalist table, honey, honeycomb, honey extractor, metal and wooden chests, wooden and metal fishing rods, scissors, joint, lasso, leather chain, insect net, medal, mailboxes, pillow, propolis, quiver, rope, shaky cage, shredder, sling, atomic trap, soulstone, spellbook, straw basket, tobacco, torch, Torii, trap, tripwire, underframe, wall torch, wax, malt, wicker basket, wooden bow.awesome shop 600
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