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State of the Game and the future of High Moon. If you're interested in High Moon, this one is a must read!

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It's been quite some time since a solid update, lame eh?

As of last week I (Stephen Gibson) disbanded the development team of High Moon. Meaning for now, I let my programmer and sound team go.

What does this mean for the future of High Moon?

Since last August I have been developing High Moon full time. I'm the one in charge of the story, game play, sound direction, and all art assets. Therefore everything that you all have come to love about High Moon is still in my control, and has still been developing.

When High Moon first started it was called "Elemental", and I had no idea what I was doing. I brought on our programmer way before I should have. I was a fresh college graduate who had been an art director for a few short months before the company tanked (by no real fault of the company). I had no experience. When I got let go I decided to take a leap of faith in myself and try to make an indie game. Much of development was me re-inventing the game (particularly the art, story and game features). In spite of my faults we were able to build a lot of great buzz around the game, Indiegames.com, Indiestatik, Gamezebo, and Poketgamer.uk, to name a few, all wrote about High Moon and how excited they were at the concept.

I've finally reached a state where I know where I'm taking High Moon. In time I will be looking for a new programmer(s) to build High Moon from the ground up again. It will still look the same (for the most part) as the previous version of the game.

Why have you been saying there is a public test coming soon??

Because there is. And like I've said in the past, it won't be a traditional way of testing a game. I'm not ready to reveal just what this public test will be. You will be able to play the core game and help me iron out any errors in game mechanics and provide feedback.

What about updates? Why should I stay interested in High Moon?

Because it WILL be finished some day! I'd love for the fans of the game to continue to show interest and offer feedback. As well, the narrative origin stories for each character will continue (Darren, the main writer, was away on a trip for awhile). The art assets and game features will continue to develop and be shown on IndieDB and Twitter. Lastly, I'll be providing a way for you to test out the game and see if the game play is as great as the art.

What are your fears?

I am afraid of people losing interest in a game that has a long development. Regardless, I'm confident that even if High Moon loses some fans, it'll gain just as many new fans.

I would like to thank James, my former programmer, who played a large role in helping shape High Moon and helping me figure out how making an app works. I wish him the best of luck with his career and family and hope to see some of his own personal projects come to light.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has favorited, liked, re-tweeted, written articles and participated in High Moon's development. I know now it's a game people want and are excited about, which is pretty cool!

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Shinji16 - - 5 comments

While shake ups / team restructuring always makes me nervous for the health of a project, it sounds like you still have a very strong grasp on what you want to get done and what follow through is going to be needed. I don't plan on going anywhere and I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to help playtest and give feedback, and looking forward to when all is said and done and the game is published. Best of luck to all involved, former and present!

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StephenGibson Author
StephenGibson - - 158 comments

Thanks Shinji! It's nice to have a few fans out there encouraging me. I feel like there are more who are not vocal but just as interested in the project. Either way, I love when they get vocal and support!

I guarantee you'll be able to participate in the test if my "nontraditional" idea appeals to you. I've been playing with my friends and it's a blast!

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