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I am making a new chapter of the game that is COMPLETELY different than the previous levels.

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I am giving the game new levels that are completely different than the previous ones. The levels that already exist are all just cubes and spheres. All the levels only had one path to complete the levels, but the new ones will have multiple paths possible to follow and complete the level. Lighting will be different. Before there would be a single light high above the level, lighting the entire level from one point. The new way I am doing it has many lights around the level on lamp posts, so that some areas are darker or lighter and it gives the levels much more variation than they had before. The different paths make the levels more whole. Before all you would see in a level was one set path to the finish, now, with the different paths, levels look bigger and more fun. textures have also changed. Before, textures were mostly just single colors on each block, now there are more detailed textures and the game looks much better. In the new levels I am trying to stay away from just jumping of floating cubes, in some areas of levels, however, you may have to jump onto crates to reach the next platform, but it wont be only cubes, such as the crates. I am hoping this will make the game more interesting to players and give more variation to the levels and i hope you all enjoy it.

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