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Hey guys, This here will be my second big Mod for a Hearts of Iron game.

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Hey guys,

welcome to my newest side project!

This update is exspecially for Japan and Mengjiang. Besides this usa got a new surrender event. So when playing this, i suggest to play japan, otherwise u dont see the new features.

v0.1 (China overhaul):

-added manschukuo
-added east hebei
-added sichuan
-added guangdong
-deleted tibetan core of xikang
-moved provinces 10856, 4407, 5102, 8041, 8059, 5080, 10741, and 5018 to tibet
-moved provinces 4160, 7135, 4023, 10105, 11983 and 7044 to guangzhou
-moved provinces 1018, 7210, 10004 and 10121 to guangdong
-moved provinces 7988 to qinghai

-added republic china-nanjing
-renamed China to Republic of China
-renamed Mengkukuo to mengjiang
-added new focuses for japan
-new events for japan, mengjiang and usa
-new news events
-mengjiang isnt anymore right from the start a puppet
-new leaders for sichuan, guangdong, east hebei and manchukuo
-new oob for east hebei, guangdong and manchukuo
-reworked oob for guangxi, yunnan, shanxi
-new commander for mengjiang
-reworked oob for Mengjiang
-deleted chinese core for shadong
-new historical AI focus

-new event pictures

Suggested nations:



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