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The playtest might be closed now, but we plan to give you more opportunities to check out the game in the future before we release it into Early Access. Keep an eye out here, or sign up for our newsletter so you're informed the next time we open for playtesting. There's a lot of content heading your way and even some you may have missed.

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Hey folks! For those of you who are just now finding out about Arcane waters sadly you've just barley missed the last Beta playtesting period but your not out of luck just yet! If your interested in catching the next one be sure to stick around here on Moddb, hop over on the discord or reddit! The developers are planning for another test around the end of the month and I will be making sure to update when its open for any to come on down and join us for some fun pirating hours!

What you can do while you wait for the next test?

The community is quite active in the discord sharing our adventures on the seas or our harvests for those of you who picked the more quiet life in farming. Feel free to hop in the discord/reddit or game website and chat with us with any questions about the game, I myself was lucky enough to play the last playtest and end up #1 on one of the leaderboards when the playtest ended (for those of you who are into a more competitive portion of games).

How long until the game is released and I can play it anytime?

While Arcane Waters doesn't have a set release date you can always track the progress of the game through the main website Arcanewaters.com

Also remember to Wishlist the game on steam for the best tracking of the game! Store.steampowered.com

Why should I check out Arcane waters?

This one is always a bit different for everyone, some enjoy a relaxing time when they play games either after work or school while others go for a more thrilling path. Arcane waters has a nice mix of features for most players to enjoy. If your coming from Stardew valley or similar games you may enjoy the quiet life farming on your personal home or your guilds home along with the exterior and interior decorating you'll be doing while you wait for those crops to grow. Are you someone looking to explore or dive into dungeons? There is a nice size map to seek out and dungeon-like instances called voyages that lead to a nice degree of rewards for making it through them. Lastly we cant forget about how pirates never get along with each other too! This game also has a nice PVP section where you can either fight on the open world or que for PVP mods of either CTF or a MOBA themed ship battle (Was a first for me too and I loved it!). Either way we've got a nice bit of content for everyone and are excited to sail with you soon!

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