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Offworld is a web based third person shooter where the player pilots various airships. The game is now officially in beta and we need all the feedback we can get to create a fun and awesome experience for web players.

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Initially, Offworld was designed and created just for ourselves, as a project to ork on during our internships. We never planned to put it online or publish it in any way. One day our school saw the game and suggest we should submit Offworld for the Indievelopment 2013 competition. Surprisingly it won third place! This was the moment we decided to start our company, Tengu Games and work on new project. Now that we finished Elementalist (Itunes.apple.com),
we decided it was time to go back and revisit our first true love: Offworld.


Offworld is all about controlling air ships and battling with them. You fight for the dominion of your clan. The player chooses a side, a vehicle type, a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, and you are ready for battle. Currently there are two different types of airships, two different primary weapons and three secondary weapons.
The game was designed to be fairly short but had to feel epic at the same time. (Explosions!)


We plan to release the game on Kongregate soon but for now we need some more feedback. So here you go, try it out and leave a comment here or mail us your feedback to: info@tengugames.com

You can find a webplayer build at Tengugames.com

e_Glyde - - 331 comments

This art style is just so great.

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

awesome, little gem, any chance of a stand alone build?

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TenguGames Author
TenguGames - - 7 comments


At the moment it's not an option unfortunately. However we love this little project of ours so if and when in the future we get the chance to build this into a full fledged game, we certainly will.

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Indie4Fun - - 2 comments

Loving the art style! Looks a bit steampunk...

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TenguGames Author
TenguGames - - 7 comments

Thanks for your compliments on our art. We always try to distinguish ourselves in our artwork.

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