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A list of update from alpha version to beta version and what is the motivation of these updates. Also, plans and ideas for next update.

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(What’s New?) A list of what has changed this week (tweaked mechanics, added content, etc).

- At this week, we have added various theme to both players and background. Now, players are not just a cube, and they look more like a thief and guard. Also, the background now looks like an museum by adding texture and juice to our ground. It contains various artifacts that makes it looks like an museum. To balance the power between the thief and the guard, we gave several new powers to guard. We have added 'trap' function to guard. Guard can now set a trap to the ground, and if a thief steps the trap, it cannot move for 5 seconds. Also, we give a light to the guard.

- (What’s the Motivation?) A discussion / summary of why you made these changes. Where is your project headed?

At this week, we worked to give our game a consistent theme. Our game's background is museum. Thus, thief tries to steal an trophy in museum, and the guard tries to prevent it by catching a thief. Intention of this change is to make player to be more immersed into the game. Also, our game has been too easy to win for thief, and it has been too hard to win the game for the guard player. To balance this, we gave a guard several advantages: trap and light.

(What’s Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

We are planning to add minion guard into our museum. This minion guard will patrol to the museum, and tries to prevent thief's stealing. There are several ideas how these minion guards will distract thief: give them damage, alert the location of the thief to the player guard, makes the thief player slower in specific time. We will choose an option that balances the game the best.

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