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Details about the release of beta stage of clone wars conquest for warband

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Hi everybody. The release is gonna happen tonight, but you should know this is NOT a final version nor the last release that will happen.

The release will be at 21.40 (GMT+01.00) tonight as i will have everything prepared for the demo by then, but you should know that there is still unsolved problems such as red text messages and some other things, these do NOT restrict you from playing the game as it is fully playable to about 90 percent in it's current state and not everything is converted nor implemented, but this is more of a beta test and it would be kindly if you could make up a list with bugs and stuff that needs fixing and sending it to me in a PM on moddb, so don't write it down on the comments field but PM is the thing that matters here.

Some leaders have not been set up yet such as some of the hutt cartel heroes. These will be adjusted properly in the next release though.
Ahsoka Tano - Armor has not been finalised only the base, will be in the next release with head.
Anakin's Skywalker - face will be fixed in the next release.
General Griveous hasn't he's right body done yet, still under WIP.
Red Messages appearing.

That's all i can say for now, rest is for everybody else to explore what is and what is not working, have fun and may the force be with you

Things i did in the v.1.0 update:

- Jedi guardian Robes added
- Sith Knight Robes added
- Fixed Jedi's equipment.
- Munificent frigate for CIS + Cis Station
- Acclamator + Republic Cruisers for galatic republic
- Some minor BRF editing, texturing.

With big love your main Dev
- Dentho10


cant wait for the release

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Thank you so much! I thought all hope was lost after years of waiting on the old one and everyone told me it would never be finished. Until I felt a disterbance in the force, as if a million mod users shouted out in joy. Then I went on Moddb and saw this.

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Thanx for the demo but i have somes bug : when i'll trye the impérial troop tree, i have a crash to desktop. i have an other bug with the D-C15A who act like a staff. the toggle firering position don't work properly and the npc on the cantina bug too.

i hope this post can help you.
thanx again for the mod

(sorry for the faults english is not my birthlanguage)

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Your mod is quite good, but there are a few bugs I encountered, some gamebreaking.

At first, the games crashes everytime I click on my own character in the party screen. Quite annoying, because I allways forget it will happen XD

Second, after I tried to give my soldiers orders and wanted to go to the tactic screen in battle the notes in the left corner disappeared and never came back. It totally sucks when you can´t see, if your soldiers are dying or if you killed an enemy or whatever. But I also get no more information about global events, like "lord x defeated lord y, village raided, etc." I really cannot play this mod, whithout all that.

And this regular stuff like guns working like throwables XD

But, as I said in the beginning, I really like your mod. The idea is good, the models are really neat and it is total fun to play.

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This isn't the most stable mod. When moving around in towns, it keeps bringing up
what appear to be code lines on the screen. And people sort of glitch in their chairs. Good mod otherwise :)

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