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We are finally in Beta! Also, an important announcement of our project regarding the Unity situation.

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Hello, fellow challengers.

This is a unique and very important occasion. Elemental Wizards TCG is preparing itself to come into the several platforms that we intend to, so this is one of the moments where the project is starting to escalate in different aspects as we try to introduce you to the best game experience possible.

The news that we wanted to share is:

Elemental Wizards TCG has reached the beta stage

Elemental Wizards 2023 09 16 3 5

This is a significant change AND FOR THE BETTER.

In this new v1.0-betaC5 version released today, we have sorted out some critical bugs that you might or might not have noticed in our previous versions with configs C3 and C4.


  • Fixed bugs regarding card abilities played by activation. This includes effects such as:
    1. Abilities that affect the henchman who does the ability
    2. Abilities that produce a list of different abilities to be executed
    3. Abilities that make players discard cards from the hand
  • Improved UI
  • Minor stability and optimization tweaks

Elemental Wizards 2023 09 16 3 5 1

Same as our previous C4 config update, this means a change in your local data. Probably, this will be the last time we send a config update that deletes your local data before our release. Please be aware of the following by this update:

  • Decks obtained through World mode will be deleted (Alongside its cards in your card list)
  • Cards obtained through Free Card will be deleted from your card list
  • Progress on World Mode will be reset (So you will be able to obtain the decks again)
  • The Skirmish and World Mode decks will be reset to the default settings.
  • The card pool will be reset to the default settings.

However, not all are good news. As many of you might know, Unity (the engine we use in our project) changed the Terms of Service and added new fees for projects based on their revenue and the number of downloads. Elemental Wizards is a game that intends to be downloaded and played by all people on all different platforms. One of our key features is allowing people to play regardless of Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android. Due to this new change in Unity rules, we have terminated the development process in Unity, meaning that this C5 version will be the last one available and will be retired by December 31st. This also leads us to retire the Windows version available for free. This means that the new version C5 will be available at the Apple Mac Store, and you can follow the App Store link to buy your copy.


In other news, this September 22nd, the people of the Elemental Wizards TCG team (AKA "Ether Studios") will be interviewed on the AbstractDigital Twitch channel. Channel where Elemental Wizards TCG was showcased last September 4th. If you want to ask us some questions and get updated about the game development process, please look at the streaming that starts at 11:00 PM UTC.

Abstract Digital Twitch Playing Elemental Wizards (v1.0-alphaC4)

Once again, we appreciate your support in this game through all our social media channels. Also, we would like to invite you to our new discord server, where we will be sharing news, and you can speak with other fellow players as we want to grow our community.

Discord: Discord.gg

Have a happy gaming, and thanks again for your support

-- Ether Studios Team --

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