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The Beta version of Middle Earth at War is finally released and I want to talk about what's coming next.

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Finally the Middle Earth at War Beta is out!

I know it took quite a long time, but it was my goal to present you a fully playable version of this mod. Sure it's not complete, just a beta version with some bugs and missing things left. So what's the plan for the future?

To make it short, I will take a break. On the one hand, I have deserved it, on the other hand I want to wait and see how much and which bugs will be reported. If there are many small things that I can fix quickly, than maybe there will be an update soon.

For the next full version, I would care about all the unfinished bigger things and do fixes like text stuff, the women/wedding system, the other scenes (castle halls, city streets) and the broken passages. But if and when I do so this is uncertain.

Furthermore, I would like to say something about the known issues. Like I said, I know there are things undone. Women are still the same as in Native, Elves can not marry because they are considered as women. Lords have no civilen outfits and chill in their castles naked all the time with different faces. Almost the entire text is still native and scenes like town hall, streets and arena are still unchanged. Now to the question why I didn't change that if I know these issues: The answer is simple. It was time for a release and the mod is playable in its core. Since I'm alone I would spend ages with these left unimportant things and the release would be delayed forever.

EDIT: I noticed the factions are a little too peaceful. I try to fix this!

If you find bugs, please let me know so I can fix them for an update. I'm interested in things like:

  • "Holes" in scenes
  • Errors in the campaign map
  • Missing/false textures
  • Unnatural textures/unnatural shining or lightning
  • Unbalanced item stats/prices
  • Unnatural behavior of all kind of things
  • ...

Thank you all for your support! :D


"Elves can not marry because they are considered as women."
[Laughs in Dwarven]

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As far as I hace noticed there's only one breaking point in this otherwise beautiful mod and it's the "diplomacy issue" that takes everyone to make peace and never declare war again.

There are a few unbalance issues like Rhun being OP or isengard being weak but that only makes for great scenarios.

So basically just a patch for diplomacy and you have my sword.

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Isengard map problem:
1. I noticed when sneaking into Isengard that the whole town and its walls are floating like 100 meters above the ground. The players starting point is weird too - it's somwhere on a rock/mountain on the far-most outskirts of the map.

2. When I was besieging Isengard, the map / town / ground problem did not appear, everything was normal.

Do you plan to fix the diplomacy issue in the near future? This bug is - at least for me - the most annoying.

Anyhow I enjoy playing your mod and will do for a long time!

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Yüzüklerin Efendisi olarak en iyi mod bu şüphesiz.
Eline sağlık çok büyük ustasın.
Türkiyeden sevgiler

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EasterIing Author

Thank you :) Greetings back

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I hope u add more items for all factions and playable races :D
Great work!

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When will a new update be out and do you think you could make the battle size to 200 pls

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