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Pay-What-You-Want deal on IndieGameStand until 19th February! Also: Update 3 is now available for USC. As the biggest update in the history of Beta 1, version greatly enhances the Defend the Base! game mode, adds and fixes a lot of features regarding core gameplay mechanics, improves engine stability and more.

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Pay-What-You-Want deal on IndieGameStand!

USC is now featured as a PWYW deal until 19th February on IndieGameStand. You can get USC now for even $1! Pay $10 to get exclusive digital content, and beat the top prices to get a USC ceramic mug in the end! USC really needs support now. All purchases are redeemable on Desura, will be redeemable on Steam if the game gets greenlit, and all future updates, including the Final Release, are coming to you free if you buy the game. Join the war against the aliens now!

(The IGS/Desura version also includes Update 3.)

What is Update 3?

Update 3 is a "work-in-progress" patch. As I continue the development of the Campaign, play a dozen test missions and listen to player feedback, a lot of things get fixed, changed or added as natural part of the development process. Now many cool things have piled up and I don't want to delay their release, as they improve USC quite a bit and anyone who already plays the game should enjoy them. Due to the nature of the patch, it MAY (though unlikely) wreck things while fixing others, but I--most naturally--tested it and found no problems on my systems. Regardless, any bugs should be reported to usc@creatio49.com, and everything will be fixed in due time.

What's new and changed in Update 3?

Many aspects of the Defend the Base! mode had been improved and changed. The Build screen is now much more user friendly. Not only the session controls have been improved (a separate Save and an Exit option is now available, as I played DTB and realized that it works better this way), but the overview map now shows various damage and contamination info. From now on, any structure (room) can be demolished at any time for 25 BP, not only severely breached ones. The decontamination (clean) action is now available as a standalone option, also for 25 BP. There's also a brand new INSPECT mode, where you can view the actual game map any time, showing all changes in real-time.

New Build screen
New build screen

Inspecting the base
Inspecting the base

A few not too obvious, but important bug fixes have been also issued, as well as some balancing to the scoring system and other gameplay elements.

Update 3 also brings a few engine-related changes that should improve the stability and functionality of the game on some systems. Bugs in the Settings menu have been also fixed.

Using a turret in a DTB mission

A lot of small fixes were made to the new inventory toolbar introduced in the previous update. None of the bugs jeopardized gameplay, but now the toolbar really works as it should. A few other bugs have been also fixed regarding the item system in the game.

The "last stand" in Wave #10 of a Defend the Base! game session

Update 3 is recommended for every player as it enhances general gameplay functions, and more than recommended if you want to/already play DTB. The update is fully compatible with previous saves.

For the list of all the changes and fixes please see the Files section, or Updates on the USC homepage.

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