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In this entry we showcase the necromancer. A fearsome enemy that direct his undead minions and even revives fallen fighters on the battlefield to add them to his fighting troops.

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Today we want to show you one of the key characters of the undead faction, the necromancer. Although he is technically not undead, he takes an elementary role in their forces. He uses his black magic and dark rituals to bring back the dead from the graves to fight for him. He is usually accompanied by a host of zombies and an extremely well armored skeleton bodyguard.

Bestiary: Necromancer with bodyguard

On the battlefield he is neither particularly difficult to kill, nor does he have any offensive abilities. His strength lies in summoning all fallen fighters to stand up again an join his ranks. If you let him rule freely you will face a never ending stream of zombies that will eventually overwhelm you as your Brothers get more and more fatigued by the constant slaying of undead. Also, he will keep his distance from the frontlines so trying to kill him with ranged weapons can be a good idea.

What makes him particularly nasty is his ability to revive not only his own minions, but also your fallen Brothers. They will keep all their equipment and armor they had when still being alive but instead of fighting side by side with your other Brothers, they will now try to eat your brains!

Zombified Brothers

When playing against a necromancer direct your focus on him and kill him as fast as possible. Any zombie you kill will just stand right back up so attempting to kill his troops is pretty futile. Also, take care not to expose any unarmored brothers and get them killed, they will then just shift the odds in the enemies favor by joining their ranks.

Here is a picture of what a fight looks like when you do not manage to kill the necromancer quickly:

Zombie Army

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