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Some facts about music and sfx in Behind the Horizon

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Hello, community,

today it's all about the music and sound effects in Behind the Horizon. Most of the music used in my game is public domain or open music and the rest was composed by myself. Essentially, these are the guitar pieces (with and without vocals). I tried to choose the music according to the mood of the area and for areas that are often entered (like Woodhome or your own farm) I used light, pleasant melodies. All in all I took great care that the appropriate music fits to the area, the cutscene or the NPC (in dialogues).

In addition, there are different ambient sounds depending on the time of day and season, which are of course best heard when no music is playing. In the caves you can hear for example falling water drops and in the forest in the evening in summer the crickets chirp.

The numerous other sound effects, from the interface, the fights I got from various sources. Partly public domain and open music, but also self-created effects or sound effects cut out of videos are included.

In total there are more than 200 sound effects and 50 pieces of music that have found their way into the game. In addition there is also the ambient music for forest, plains and caves. An complex system (based on time of day, season and vegetation in the surrounding area) decides which background music is used.

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