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BattleCourt is a 2D Horde Survival Looter and Shooter due to go into Open Beta on March 12th 2020. Survive endless waves with a huge selection of weapons at your disposal. Different levels to select with their own challenges.

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Hi all,

My name is Luke Parisi and I am the developer for the game BattleCourt. BattleCourt is a simple 2D Top Down Horde Survival Game, where the objective is to survive as many waves as possible. With More and Stronger enemies appearing each wave.

You have a great deal of weapons at your disposal each with their own effects and rarities. Different rarities apply Modifiers which alter how the gun works. It might add poison damage, or add the ability to Freeze or Confuse the enemy. It might also get firing rate or damage boosts or reductions, Spread might become unmanageable.
Having such a huge selection of guns and modifiers will make each game a different challenge. Some games might be easy because of a great early game weapon, or hard because you get bad drops.

Play with Keyboard and Mouse or Controller support for XBox Controllers.

The game is currently in Alpha 0.7 with still many features to be developed before it is released as Open Beta on Steam for Windows by March 12th 2020 if all goes well.

The video below is a demonstration of the current gameplay and the features currently in the game as of Alpha 0.7. More features are to be added.

Any feedback or support by liking the video is much appreciated, and hope you will enjoy playing BattleCourt once it is released in Open Beta on Steam for Windows

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