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Hey ! :) If you have somes suggestions/questions for the battle system, please tell me this here ;). I'm just trying to make it better :D.

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Hey ! :)

Today, I played at Pokémon Red :p. It really motivated me to do my best for this fan game ^^.

I have somes new ideas for the game (level up system like Dofus ^^/moves upgrade like LoL/ maybe equipments for Pokémon, etc...).

Btw, this week I'll work on this battle system, so if you have somes suggestions/question, please tell me this here ;). I'm just trying to make it better :D

B_Light - - 80 comments

I personally like the idea of being able to control the pokemon during battle besides having turn based combat. This way a pokemon going against another that is super effective against it could have a chance to win. It would make battle more skill based and interactive. I just had an idea pop in my head just now that i thought would be useful so people cant just switch back and forth constantly between pokemon during battle. If there was a 10 second cool-down in between sending them out that would make you think about who to send out more. This is just a couple ideas. Hope it helps :)

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Baitot Author
Baitot - - 51 comments

Okay, thanks for reply and suggestion :).
And yeah, sure it help me :D.

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matiascavallo - - 2 comments

HELLO I use Unity 3D 5.0 . I am a programmer. Just notice me if you need help , AND THANKS FOR THE PROJECT looks great

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