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Post news RSS Basis-9 War. A sci-fi platformer shooter with a HUGE story... Yet to be discovered

Basis-9 War. Discover the secrets behind the vastest empire created by the legacy of humanity in a corner of the galaxy and it's ongoing war against the Breacon faction.

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Presenting Basis-9 War:

A sci-fi 2D third person shooter, where you are put in the boots of a mysterious soldier who can't remember anything from his past but found himself adrift in space until a series of events forces him to awake from his sleep and land in a nearby planet.

However, this planet is Basis-9, supposedly the last place in which a battle occoured before the war ended, with the Breacons surrender.

This planet is supposed to be unhabited, impossible to inhabit and unaccesible to any group of people, but the soldier's ship radars say something different.

The radars have detected artificially built oceanic platforms in the ocean-only planet, this gives the soldier an opportunity to land and see if there's something he can do or ask about himself, but the people living there aren't friendly as he thought.

After being discovered entering the atmosphere of the planet, he is attacked by unknown foes, and taken down until he crashes onto one of these ocean platforms, now he must survive and fight his way out of that planet, and maybe contact an authority of that solar system...

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