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Hi! I'm John Andrews, a developer of free games just for fun, I'd like you to play them, give reviews, feedback, etc, it'd make me happy to know people play the little things I do.

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Hello! I'm John Andrews! creator of two currently In-development public games, Neon Wars, and Basis-9 War. I recently found a motivation and inspiration to actually take indie game development seriously, instead of just doing it for pure fun, I also want to actively care for these games, and interact with people who like them.

I'm just another developer who is studying university but makes games as a hobby, I also like to write stories, define little details that I'd like to add to my games, and love creating and expanding universes in my head, just like many other developers here!

So I just wanted to introduce myself here in this blog, I hope you like me and my games, and I'll try to be as active as possible here and in other places. :)

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