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I'm having some trouble duplicating the bug where the ball sticks to the flipper or bumper, and hoping to get your help pinning it down!

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UPDATE 4/29/2013 - I'm taking down Hyperspace Pinball Linux from Desura until the issue gets fixed. I consider the game in its current state unworthy of release. I'll update again as soon as it's back up!

UPDATE #2: I posted a possibly improved version at Gamieon.com . It still has problems but they seem to happen less often for me. Let me know how it plays!

A developer is their own worst tester; at least that's true for me. I don't recall in my life ever seeing a pinball game, even ones I didn't care for, having trouble with the ball going through objects and getting stuck in walls...and I don't want this to be the exception.

If you're experiencing issues, please:

- Take a screenshot if you can
- Let me know where the ball got stuck...was it in the flipper? On the lower right bumper? On a top bumper?
- Let me know what platform you played on, and which level you were playing.
- Anything else that might help (so far I know about it happening often if you hold the flipper button down)

Meanwhile I'm going to install the game on another computer at home and see if I have better luck there.


On the right two flippers. The bumbers are fine.

Sometimes it's completely hidden by the large flipper. When this is the case, it is impossible to get it out. The only alternative is to restart the game.

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Gamieon Author

I finally got it to happen...stuck almost immediately near the pivot of the left flipper.

I also noticed the music skip once.

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